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Denver Nuggets have etched their names in basketball history by winning their first NBA championship in Game 5. The team, led by the NBA Finals MVP Nikola Jokic, showcased their resilience and determination throughout the series, ultimately securing victory over the Miami Heat. Despite facing challenges such as shaky 3-point shooting and a late surge by Jimmy Butler, the Nuggets proved their mettle and emerged triumphant with a final score of 94-89.

This momentous achievement marks a significant milestone for the franchise, which had never before reached the NBA Finals in their entire existence. Let's delve into the key takeaways from this thrilling game and explore the factors that contributed to the Nuggets' success.

Finals NBA 2023 5 Takeaway

At The Stats Ball we are going to provide 5 key takeaway for the finals NBA 2023 series. More in-depth we are going to provide some statistical and numbers on the NBA finals 2023.

How a Champion Was Made

Leadership of Nikola Jokic and the Young Core. The path to championship glory was paved by the exceptional leadership of Nikola Jokic and the team's young core. Jokic, who has solidified his status as one of the greatest draft picks in NBA history, once again displayed his prowess on the court with an impressive performance of 28 points and 16 rebounds in the final game.

The Nuggets' success story, however, goes beyond Jokic. The team's foundation was built through shrewd drafting and the acquisition of key players, such as Jamal Murray, Aaron Gordon, and Michael Porter Jr. Despite setbacks due to injuries, the Nuggets remained patient and continued to develop their talented roster, a strategy that ultimately paid off in their historic championship run.

Kroenke Family's Winning Legacy

Nuggets' triumph is not the first taste of championship glory for the Kroenke family, which owns the team. Chairman Stanley Kroenke, his wife Ann Walton Kroenke, and son Josh Kroenke have now added an NBA title to their impressive collection, which already includes a Super Bowl title with the Los Angeles Rams and a Stanley Cup title with the Colorado Avalanche.

Their commitment to hiring the right personnel to lead the organization has been instrumental in the Nuggets' success. Josh Kroenke, who oversees the team's operations, expressed his admiration for the Miami Heat organization while highlighting the significance of winning an NBA championship.

Murray and Porter Overcoming Adversity

The championship victory holds special meaning for Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr., who both persevered through significant injuries that sidelined them for extended periods. Murray, who suffered a knee injury, and Porter, who underwent multiple back procedures, displayed resilience and determination in their recovery journeys. Their contributions to the team's success, especially considering their injury setbacks, underscore their potential for continued growth and excellence in the seasons to come.

Jimmy Butler Valiant Effort

While the spotlight shines on the Nuggets' victory, it's important to acknowledge the remarkable efforts of Jimmy Butler throughout the series. Although the Miami Heat fell short, Butler's stellar performances and unwavering competitiveness were undeniable. Battling through minor injuries, Butler showcased his leadership and skill, particularly in the final game, where he attempted to mount a comeback for his team. Butler's relentless pursuit of victory serves as a testament to his dedication and commitment to the game.

Coach Malone is hungry for more

Even as the celebrations ensue, Nuggets coach Michael Malone is already looking ahead. During the trophy ceremony, Malone made it clear that the team's hunger for success is far from satisfied. The coach's words epitomize the Nuggets' mindset and determination to build upon this historic championship and strive for further greatness in the seasons to come.

Bruce Brown Denver Nuggets
Bruce Brown Denver Nuggets the X Factor: Source

As we have completed the 5 key takeaways of finals NBA 2023. Let's get into some numbers and statistics in the NBA. The numbers on how Denver Nuggets are actually the best team in the NBA in 2023.

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Finals NBA 2023 Numbers and Stats

Denver Nuggets emerged as the NBA champions in 2023 after a hard-fought victory over the Miami Heat in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. This title win marked the Western Conference's seventh championship in the last 10 years. Nikola Jokic, the Nuggets' star player, was crowned the Finals MVP.

97.9 - Offensive Efficiency:

In Game 5, the Nuggets scored 94 points on 96 possessions, resulting in an offensive efficiency rating of 97.9 per 100 possessions. Despite it being their least efficient offensive performance of the playoffs, it was still enough for them to secure the win. Remarkably, this performance made the Nuggets the least efficient offensive team to win a game in the entire postseason.

Finals NBA Denver Nuggets Points
Finals NBA 2023 Denver Nuggets Points

100.0 - Defensive Dominance:

Miami Heat struggled offensively in the last three games of the Finals, averaging just 100.0 points per 100 possessions. The Nuggets' defense played a pivotal role in this, as they limited the Heat's scoring opportunities. The Nuggets' defensive efforts were particularly impressive, considering they had the lowest regular-season defensive ranking of any NBA champion in the past 22 years.

13.6 - Points in the Paint Differential:

The Nuggets outscored the Heat by an impressive 13.6 points per game in the paint during the Finals. This marked the largest points-in-the-paint differential in any of the 15 playoff series that year. Nikola Jokic was instrumental in this dominance, leading all players in paint scoring with an average of 17.2 points per game.

-3 - Jokic's Impact:

Surprisingly, the Nuggets managed to stay competitive even when Nikola Jokic, their key player, was off the floor. Throughout the playoffs, they were outscored by just three points in the 176 minutes that Jokic didn't play. This showcased the team's resilience and ability to adapt to different situations.

16-4 - Impressive Playoff Record:

The Nuggets boasted an impressive playoff record of 16 wins and 4 losses, showcasing their dominance throughout the postseason. After a setback in the conference semifinals, they rallied and won 10 of their last 11 games. This outstanding record is tied for the second-best in the 21 years since the first round changed to a best-of-seven format.

What's Next

Denver Nuggets' journey to the 2023 NBA championship was marked by exceptional performances, both individually and collectively. Nikola Jokic's historic postseason performance, coupled with the team's defensive tenacity and dominance in the paint, were instrumental in their success.

Despite facing challenges, such as Jokic's absence and a tough conference semifinals series, the Nuggets demonstrated resilience and emerged as deserving champions. With their remarkable playoff run, they have set high expectations for the future and are poised to defend their Western Conference title in the upcoming season.

5 Finals NBA Numbers and Statistics Takeaway
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