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Not only Champion League Football we analysis and provide insights but whole of football analysis as well. From Premier League news and insights to Seria A we provide in-depth analysis.

Furthermore, our football analysis is coming from passionate football fans first and foremost. Secondly, coming from passionate content creators with data analysis skills and people who like numbers and statastic.

Our football coverage covers all things about football. From being informative to being engaging and with entertainment as well. Football is all about the fans and fans make football the most beautiful game in the world. We want to make football fans feel closer to football teams and vice versa. Enjoy our football insights to fully enjoy the beautiful game by true passionate fans. Check out one of our most popular post on VAR in football.

As we at The Stats Balls covers all things about on football.

As Champion League football is one of the most entertaining and most popular club football league ever.

Champion League Fun Facts

  1. The Champions League anthem, "Hymne Champions League", was composed by Tony Britten in 1992 and is played before every match in the competition.
  2. The first Champions League final was played in 1956, and it was won by Spanish side Real Madrid. They went on to win the competition a total of 13 times, the most by any team.