VAR Football New Technology? What is VAR in Football?

VAR Football

VAR in football or (Video Assistant Referee) is a video assistant referee system for football matches developed and trialled by FIFA. The VAR system has been under the spotlight for various reasons in recent years most notably the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

This year, the use of VAR has been a contentious topic of discussion among football fans. Many people have argued that it disrupts the flow of the game while others have praised its ability to correct mistakes on the pitch.

It is clear that there are many pros and cons to this new technology, but what does this mean for football in 2022?

What is VAR (Video Assistant Referee)

In football, a convesional technology known as the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is used to assist the referee decisions easier. Or in other types to help out the refereee The referee's judgments on goals, penalties, red cards, and more are reviewed using this system. With VAR, a group of officials referee, in fact 4 in total watch the match from a video operations room while speaking with the referee over a headset. The referee has the option to use VAR to review a judgement by handing out the "TV" sign. The referee will then receive the necessary information from the VAR team to assist in his decision-making after they have reviewed the incident. Various football leagues and events throughout the world, including the FIFA World Cup 2022, Champions Leagues, and all the televise league using VAR.

VAR Football Controversy

The introduction of VAR in football has generated significant controversy. Some argue that the technology is being misused and that it is disrupting with the game's flow. Other critics have expressed concern over the VAR process's lack of transparency and the subjectivity of some rulings. The time it takes to examine judgments using VAR and the complication that can result when the referee makes a decision base on VAR information have both critizise by some fans and players. VAR has the ability to assist referees in making judgments that are more accurate, but its deployment has not been without criticism.

What is VAR Penalty in Football (Soccer)

VAR football
VAR in football checking goal

Regarding penalty kicks, VAR, or the video assistant referee, may be used. VAR is a piece of technology that helps the referee make decisions. If there is a disagreement over the decision or the referee is unsure if a penalty kick should be awarded, he can employ VAR to replay the incident and get a more precise conclusion. In this instance, a penalty kick given after a VAR review would be referred to as a VAR penalty. Secondly VAR penalty is use to check if the goalkeeper is on the line during the motion of the kicker well kicking the ball. 

However, the goalkeeper is off his line, the penalty kick is re-taken. This have cause confusion among fans and players alike, but VAR is pretty much everywhere in football. 

How is VAR use in World Cup 2022

The World Cup 2022 Fifa is introducing the semi-automated offside system is a Ai offside detector technology. Combining with the help of machine learning and data points by using cameras from the roof to replicate player's body positions.

The technology makes use of 12 specialized cameras strategically placed throughout the stadium to track the ball as well as 29 different player data points. The World Cup ball also contains a sensor, which will be discussed in more detail later.

The technology will determine each player's precise location on the field at all times by monitoring the data points 50 times per second. An alert will be issued to the offside video operator when an offside is found.

The VAR team will then manually verify the kickoff point and the offside line and inform the on-field referee of what they observed. FIFA emphasizes that this procedure will just take a few seconds.

VAR 3D image office
VAR 3D Animation

Importantly, once a decision has been made, a 3D animation will be shown to those watching from outside the stadium as well as the screens inside the stadium. According to FIFA, this animation will "perfectly detail" the correct position of the players' limbs at the precise moment the ball was played.

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