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UEFA Champions League Final is renown for its captivating football, showcasing the best teams and players from across Europe. UEFA Champion League 22/23 season has been no exception, filled with thrilling encounters and extraordinary individual performances. In this article, we delve into the top goal scorers of the tournament, highlighting their remarkable achievements on the grandest stage of European club football.

At the Stats Ball we are going to present the top scoreres, top assist, and overall team streak performances of the UEFA Champions League 22/23 year. Below we are going to focus on how Manchester City and Inter Milan is going to be a good finals in Istanbul.

Top Scorers for UEFA Champions League Finals 22/23

Witness the likes of Erling Haaland, Mohamed Salah, and Vinícius Júnior as they dominate the tournament with their clinical finishing and relentless attacking instincts. With a fierce determination to propel their teams to glory, these exceptional football players have showcased their ability to find the back of the net when it matters most.

1. Erling Haaland - Manchester City (12 goals):

Erling Haaland, representing Manchester City, has been an unstoppable force in the Champions League, leading the goalscoring charts with an astounding 12 goals. The young Norwegian's lethal finishing, combined with his speed and physicality, has made him a nightmare for defenders.

2. Mohamed Salah - Liverpool (8 goals):

Mohamed Salah's scoring prowess has once again shone brightly in the Champions League. The Liverpool forward has demonstrated his ability to deliver when it matters most, finding the net on eight occasions. Salah's precision and clinical finishing have been vital to his team's success in the tournament.

Vinícius Júnior - Real Madrid (7 goals):

Vinícius Júnior, the talented Brazilian forward representing Real Madrid, has dazzled spectators with his electrifying performances. With seven goals to his name, he has played a crucial role in spearheading Real Madrid's attacking prowess, showcasing his speed, skill, and eye for goal.

Kylian Mbappé - Paris Saint-Germain (7 goals):

Kylian Mbappé, the prodigious French striker, has continued to impress on the Champions League stage. With his lightning-fast pace and clinical finishing, he has found the back of the net seven times for Paris Saint-Germain. Mbappé's contributions have been instrumental in his team's journey in the competition.

João Mário - Benfica (6 goals):

João Mário has emerged as a surprise package in this year's Champions League, leading Benfica's charge with his goal-scoring prowess. The Portuguese forward has displayed great poise in front of goal, netting six times and proving to be a reliable source of goals for his team.

Next we are going to provide the top assists players in the Champions League and you can decide how many players Manchester City got and even Inter Milan. Surprising you will get to see lots of Serie A players in the list as well.

UEFA Champions League Finals 22/23 Graph Top Scorers and Assists
UEFA Champions League Finals 22/23 Graph Top Scorers and Assists: by The Stats Ball

Top Assists in UEFA Champions League Football

Witness the magic of playmaking unfold in the UEFA Champions League as the top assist providers take center stage. From the creative genius of Kevin De Bruyne to the impeccable vision of Vinícius Júnior and more.

Kevin De Bruyne - Manchester City (6 assists):

Kevin De Bruyne's playmaking prowess has been a vital asset for Manchester City throughout their Champions League campaign. With six assists to his name, De Bruyne has showcased his vision, creativity, and precision in providing goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates. His ability to unlock defenses with his incisive passes has been instrumental in Manchester City's journey to the final.

Vinícius Júnior - Real Madrid (5 assists):

Vinícius Júnior's impact on Real Madrid's attacking play cannot be understated. The Brazilian forward has not only been a prolific goalscorer but also an adept provider of assists. With five assists so far, Júnior has combined his blistering pace with accurate deliveries, setting up his teammates for crucial goals.

Federico Dimarco - Internazionale (5 assists):

Federico Dimarco has emerged as a significant creative force for Internazionale, contributing five assists in their Champions League campaign. The Italian full-back's ability to join the attack and deliver precise crosses has added an extra dimension to Inter Milan's offensive game.

Alejandro Grimaldo - Benfica (4 assists):

Alejandro Grimaldo's contributions to Benfica's attacking movements have been noteworthy. With four assists to his credit, the Spanish left-back has demonstrated his ability to provide accurate deliveries from wide areas, creating numerous scoring opportunities for his teammates.

João Cancelo - Bayern Munich (4 assists):

João Cancelo has proven to be a valuable asset for Bayern Munich, not only in defense but also in providing assists. With his overlapping runs and intelligent passing, Cancelo has contributed four assists, playing a crucial role in Bayern Munich's attacking success.

The remaining assists contributors in the top ten have also played significant roles in their respective teams' journeys, showcasing their vision and ability to create goal-scoring opportunities.

These are some top players of this year in the Champions League. How about overall team streak, check out below for overall team streak in 2022/2023 Champions League.

Top Team Streak in UEFA Champions League Football

UEFA Champions League 22/23 Team Streaks
UEFA Champions League 22/23 Team Streaks: Data Source

Team streaks in the UEFA Champions League that have kept fans on the edge of their seats. From Bayern Munich's impressive winning streak to Manchester City's unbeaten run, these teams have showcased their dominance and resilience on the grandest stage of European football.

Down below is a list of team streak that will keep you engage and they are some surprises that happen in this year Champions Leagues.

Longest Winning Streak: Bayern Munich (8 games):

Bayern Munich's dominance in the Champions League has been exemplified by their longest winning streak of eight games. The German giants displayed their formidable attacking prowess and resolute defense, dismantling opponents and asserting their authority on the European stage.

Longest Current Winning Streak: Internazionale (2 games):

Internazionale heads into the final with a two-game winning streak, showcasing their momentum and determination. The Italian side's ability to navigate challenging encounters and secure crucial victories has propelled them to the ultimate stage of the competition.

Longest Unbeaten Streak: Manchester City (12 games):

Manchester City's unbeaten streak of 12 games stands as a testament to their consistency and resilience. The English club has showcased their ability to navigate tough encounters, demonstrating a blend of solid defense and clinical attacking prowess that has seen them remain undefeated throughout their Champions League campaign.

Longest Current Unbeaten Streak: Manchester City (12 games):

Manchester City's undefeated streak remains unbroken as they enter the final, demonstrating their formidable presence in the competition. The team's ability to maintain their unbeaten run for 12 consecutive matches highlights their strength and determination.

Longest Losing Streak: Rangers (6 games):

Rangers faced a challenging run in the Champions League, enduring a six-game losing streak. Despite the setbacks, the Scottish club showcased resilience and determination, competing against formidable opponents and gaining valuable experience along the way.

Champion League Trophy and football
Champion League Trophy and football: Summer is coming soon

Longest Current Losing Streak: Rangers (6 games):

Rangers' current losing streak of six games reflects the difficulties they faced in the tournament. However, the team's ability to reach this stage is a testament to their competitive spirit and the level of football they have faced in the Champions League.

Longest Winless Streak: Celtic (6 games):

Celtic experienced a winless streak of six games, highlighting the challenges they encountered in the tournament. Despite this, the Scottish club's presence in the Champions League underscores their achievements in their domestic league and their determination to compete at the highest level.

Longest Current Winless Streak: Celtic (6 games):

Celtic's current winless streak of six games underscores the obstacles they faced in the tournament. However, their participation in the Champions League is a testament to their commitment to European competition and the level of competition they have faced.

What's Next

UEFA Champions League has witnessed impressive team streaks, and Manchester City and Internazionale have stood out with their remarkable records. Manchester City's unbeaten streak and Internazionale's current winning streak showcase the form and resilience that have propelled them to the final. As the two teams prepare to clash for European glory, their team streaks serve as testaments to their capabilities and set the stage for an enthralling finale.

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Where is Champions League final 2023?

Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, will be the captivating venue for the highly anticipated 2023 UEFA Champions League Final. Scheduled for Saturday, June 10, the final is set to kick off at 7 pm (GMT). Football enthusiasts worldwide can experience the excitement of the match through live streaming, witnessing the pinnacle of European club football unfold in this iconic stadium.

When is the 2023 UEFA Champions League Final?

The final is scheduled for Saturday, June 10, 2023.

What time does the 2023 UEFA Champions League Final start?

The final will kick off at 7 pm (GMT).

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