NBA News Round Up New Year Day 2023

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It's common for people to make resolutions at the start of a new year, and the NBA season is no different. As the season is three months old, teams and players may be looking to make resolutions or changes to improve their performance and contribute to the overall success of the league.

Let check out some teams who are contenders for the top seeds and more on teams that are hoping for a better year in 2023.

Cleveland on a role

Mitchell NBA Player

Donovan Mitchell of the Cleveland Cavaliers scored a franchise-high 71 points against the Chicago Bulls; Klay Thompson dominated the Atlanta Hawks with 54 points to lead the Golden State Warriors to another victory; and LeBron James scored 43 points to get within 500 of Kareem Abdul-record.

Miami Heat are looking good

The Miami Heat defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 110-100 on Monday night to earn their second consecutive victory, led by Bam Adebayo's 31 points and 13 rebounds. The Miami Heat had previously blown a 21-point lead.

The Heat, who have won four straight games, also received 23 points from Tyler Herro and 15 from Victor Oladipo off the bench.

When Kawhi Leonard was unavailable, Paul George led the Clippers with 25 points and seven assists as they suffered their third consecutive loss. With a non-COVID-19 ailment, he missed the game.

NBA teams needs

Brooklyn Net needs a big man

Brooklyn Nets Logo
NBA Brooklyn Nets

Find a large dude and put on some weight. Brooklyn is the NBA's leader in blocks per game (6.8) but ranks 28th in rebound % and doesn't have much of an intimidating presence in the paint. The Nets' lone significant flaw could keep them from competing seriously in the postseason. Since Kevin Durant's arrival, the Nets haven't had a player with such a significant impact on the front line with the exception of Jarrett Allen. No offense is intended against Nic Claxton, a talented young big who ranks high among NBA players for contested shoots.

Bucks needs Khris during Spring Time

Wait for Khris Middleton to stand up. A bad wrist lost him the playoffs last spring. He's in and out of the lineup this season due to a strained knee. Middleton is unable to get lucky, and consequently, neither can the Bucks. Last season's Eastern Conference playoffs, when they forced the eventual East champion Boston Celtics to a seven-game series, demonstrated just how much they needed him. Middleton must be as fresh as possible for the spring for the Bucks.

That is our quick round up and overview of NBA latest news and update on top contenders team to win the championship this year in 2023. For a great talent and player in NBA check out Luka Doncic setting a new NBA record.

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