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Updated on January 09 2023 (Roberto Martinez - Portugal New Coach)

After World Cup 2022, we complied a list of best football managers available after World Cup 2022. Which of these best managers in football will be suited to Premier League clubs.

The dugout can be a cruel place, with managers often just a few poor performances away from being fired. Every clubs in the Premier League might want a proven manager but it can be hard in the mid-season. As on average for the past five years at most 8 managers are sack in the Premier League not including managers who left voluntarily because of better opportunities. Such as Graham Porter move to Chelsea which involves a huge transfer fee of a manager.

This may help to explain why certain outstanding coaches frequently take a mid-season break while their fellow coaches toil away on the sidelines. For major talkings points in the Premier League in 2023 check out the guide here.

Premier League Football Managers Under Fire

Normally, November and December are the most perilous months for football managers. However in 2022 when the World Cup took a large portion of both months only former Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl lost his job during those two months.

With pressure increasing on Frank Lampard at Everton, David Moyes at West Ham, Leeds head coach Jesse Marsch, and Nathan Jones at Southampton, it seems likely that we will see more before the season is finished. Antonio Conte at Tottenham appears to be facing a pivotal month as well.

So let's check out best football managers that are avaiable after the World Cup 2022. Some football managers on the list might not be avaiable for the Premier League but might suit international football or club football in other leagues.

List of Football Managers Available in 2023

The list here is not in order of the best football managers but you can sense a pattern of football managers with high pedigree of tacitical intelligence, amazing communicators or some managers who we loved to see back in the dug-out.

1. Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique Football Manager
Luis Enrique is free after he left his post: Source

Last Manager Post - Spanish National Team

Despite leaving his position with the national team after their shocking World Cup loss to Morocco, Enrique is well-known for his tactical and technical prowess. He won awards while playing for Real Madrid and Barcelona, and then he went back to the latter club to begin his coaching career with the B squad, succeeding his former teammate Pep Guardiola. Before returning to Barcelona as first-team head coach for a three-year stint during which he won nine of the 13 possible titles, including a historic treble in 2015, he served stints at Roma and Celta Vigo (his first year in charge).

A great communicator with his Twitch streaming, plays possession attacking base football, and is a serial winner. However he might want to join teams that are playing in Champions League so teams such as Everton or Southampton might not get the man.

2. Roberto Martinez

Last Manager Post - Belgium National Team

Who knows Roberto Martinez have unfinished business with Everton. As following his quote "I like to build things", he might feel he have unfinished business with Everton. He is great tactical setting his side up to be compact and attack in units.

Nowadays, it's uncommon for a manager to get the chance to do that with a Premier League team (especially one at the wrong end of the table), but Martinez's time spent in England with Everton and Wigan will be seen as a plus by some.

However they are some news emerging that Roberto Martinez have reach a verbal agreement to sign with the Portugal national team. It seems to be a good hire and a good match, as Martinez have not manage a fast pace club football for a while. With Portugal having a crop of new talent involve the style of play might suits Martinez tactics of technical football yet being compact defensively. Update Roberto Martinez is appoint as Portugal new coach on January 9 2023.

3. Tite

Tite Football manager in press conference
Tite left his post after shocking exit in World Cup 2022: Photo

Last Manager Post - Brazil National Team

We all knew that Tite is going to leave after the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. But it came as a shock after the stock defeat to Croatia in penalties as Brazil came in as the favorites to win it all.

Brazil, a team that came into this year's World Cup with one of the deepest decks of international talent of any team, finished the tournament with an uneven record. After Brazil had already qualified for the knockout stages, Cameroon shocked everyone by defeating them 0-1 earlier in the group round.

After taking over as manager of the national team in 2016, Tite guided Brazil to a World Cup semifinal exit in 2018 and a Copa America championship win in 2019. Would we see Tite managing a Premier League club might be hard. But who knows as teams button of the table are strugging and can use a man with vast experience and knowledge of the game. But it would be very hard to pull Tite away from Brazil to the cold winters of the Premier League.

4. Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel Holding Champion League Trophy
Thomas Tuchel Holding Champion League Trophy

Last Manager Post - Chelsea

If the rumors that Tuchel is studying Spanish are accurate, it may be impossible for a Premier League team to lure Tuchel back to England for his next position, but his name will undoubtedly be on the radar of clubs looking for a new manager. It is difficult to imagine him joining a club not participating in the Champions League, but if a club can entice him, they will gain a smart manager who is able to combine a keen tactical understanding with the emotional intelligence that frequently distinguishes excellent managers from great ones.

Update as currently Tuchel is Bayern Munich new football manager. He is replacing Nagelsmann as the new boss of the German team. Currently Nagelsmann is the latest manager available. Would he be the next Spurs manager to win a first trophy in the past decade?

5. Pochettino

Last Manager Post - PSG

There, he finally succeeded in winning a prize. Following his tenure as Tottenham manager, Mauricio Pochettino took a two-year hiatus from management. Last year, he returned and accepted what is perhaps the richest position in sports. In the end, Pochettino lost the support of the top Parisian brass since domestic success wasn't enough to advance in the Champions League in the French city.

After overseeing the club's final season at White Hart Lane, where Spurs would go undefeated, and leading the Lilywhites to their first-ever Champions League final in 2019, the Argentine is still highly regarded in the white side of North London. He might not want to wait for the "right" job. But want to choose a good project and come back home to the Premier League.

6.Sean Dyche

Last Manager Post - Burnley

After nearly ten years at Burnley, he clearly needed a break, but Dyche will be eager to return to management this season. He has publicly stated that he has set aside a window of time to see whether any Premier League clubs are interested in hiring him before going elsewhere.

From a recruitment standpoint, staying at one club for so long has both benefits and drawbacks. It demonstrates his ability to create and manage a squad despite financial constraints, collaborate across divisions, and take on the challenge of rejuvenating a team when necessary. However, it also raises the question of whether he can accomplish as much in a different setting with distinct difficulties, requirements, and expectations. He will be excited to get the chance to respond to such inquiries.

7. Marcelo Bielsa

Last Manager Post - Leeds United

The man, the legend, and the myth. Although Marcelo Bielsa is as mysterious as they come, some of today's best tacticians' careers have been formed and molded by his occult teachings. Leeds enjoyed watching Bielsa's peculiar style of high-pressing football as he put an end to the team's protracted exile from the Premier League and transformed them into a mercilessly attacking team in their first season back in the top flight. Bielsa is aloof and secretive. Last season, Leeds finally came to their senses as a number of injuries and consistency concerns destroyed their chances of moving forward. As a result, the club was forced to part ways with a player who had long since earned immortality at Elland Road.

What a sight it would be to see Bielsa manage in the Premier League again.

Honorable Mentions

They are two football managers that we want to mention. We did not put them on the list because we as both of these football managers are linked to other clubs or want to manage a national team. The first honorable mention goes to: Zidane.

Zidane having major success with Real Madrid both the times he manage them. However he is waiting for the perfect moment to manage the French national team. It is pretty much an open secret. However France did the finals but lost to the World Cup winner Argentina. Some lauded that World Cup 2022 finals was the best that we have ever seen. So would Zidane want to manage other teams beforehand. Even a team like Spurs that might be in the Champion Leagues with the cash they have pull Zidane away from managing his beloved France national team.

Second is Andea-Villas Boas as he is a good manager who needs a bit of time and resources to build a team in his image.

Andre Villas-Boas has traveled to Russia and China to escape the intense spotlight of Europe's top five leagues, and it might be said that he is still working to rebuild his reputation after those two absolutely disappointing seasons at Chelsea and Tottenham. He will return to Marseille in 2019.

Off-field issues caused his tenure as OM manager to end amicably, but Les Phoceens were a merciless, well-oiled machine on the field. The divisive Portuguese ended the club's nine-year wait for a Le Classique victory against rivals PSG by leading them to the Champions League for the first time in six years. Jorge Sampaoli would eventually succeed him.

As the world of football continues to evolve, it's important for Premier League teams to stay ahead of the game by hiring top-notch managers. Our list of the best football managers available in 2023 includes a range of talented individuals with proven track records of success. Whether you're looking for a seasoned veteran or a fresh perspective, these managers have what it takes to lead your team to victory. So why wait? Start your search for the perfect football manager today and give your team the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

Which best football managers in 2023 would you like to see manage your clubs? Tell us in the comments below.

Best Football Managers Available in 2023
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