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Champions League 2023 quarterfinals took place on Wednesday and Thursday. Although there wasn't much drama, there were plenty of goals. Manchester City and Bayern Munich drew 1-1, while Inter and Benfica drew 3-3. Recap maybe of the less unexpected quarterfinals of this year Champion League Round of 8.

Down below is a table of UEFA Champion League 2023 Semi-Final fixture.

2023 UEFA Champions League Semi- Final Path

  • Real Madrid vs Manchester City
  • Inter Mila vs AC Milan

UEFA Champion League 2023 Quarter Final Recap

Let's recap maybe of the boring or not much action round of UEFA Champions League 2023 rounds. We did not have much action. Yet there are some winners and losers of the round. As mention in the preview, they are good matches to look forward to as well.

Down below are winners and loser of quarter-finals 2023 rounds.

Winner: Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland is no stranger to being a winner. This week, he at least made things interesting by missing a penalty, making him a candidate to be one of the week's losers. However, he made up for it by punishing Bayern Munich with his 35th Champions League goal. Haaland has scored 12 goals for Manchester City this season, equaling Ruud van Nistelrooy's season record for a Premier League player in the competition in 2002-03 for Manchester United. With 48 goals for the season now, Haaland's hunger for goals and self-belief are supreme.

Loser: Bayern Munich's Finishing

Bayern Munich had its chances, holding 58 percent of possession, taking 19 shots (seven on target), and having five corners. However, their finishing wasn't up to par, resulting in their European season coming to an end. Leroy Sane had the chance to punish his former club but pulled his shot wide. The sequence where Coman's cross wasn't followed in by a Bayern attacker was quickly followed by Haaland's deadly finish, which summarized the tie as a whole. Haaland has been the literal difference in the match, and it's a moot point now as he advances to the semis with City.

Winner: Real Madrid's Winning Mentality

Real Madrid's impressive record against Premier League teams has been a talking point for football enthusiasts. The Spanish giants have had a remarkable run in their last five Champions League knockout ties against English clubs, winning seven out of nine games. Their dominance against English opposition includes eliminating Chelsea and Liverpool from this year's tournament with a 10-2 aggregate score.

Real Madrid's impressive winning mentality, coupled with their sense of entitlement, makes them a force to reckon with in the Champions League. Even though Manchester City will provide a tougher challenge than the previous English teams, Real Madrid's confidence is high, having beaten them at the same stage last season. They will undoubtedly look to continue their winning streak and complete an impressive Premier League hat-trick.

Loser: Chelsea FC: Poor Management and Ownership Decisions

Chelsea New Owners
Chelsea New Owners Felling the Heat: Photo Source

Chelsea FC's recent Champions League exit left fans and players alike feeling disappointed and frustrated. However, the blame for the team's poor performance cannot be solely placed on the players and coaches. The club's current owners, Todd Boehly and his team, have made several questionable decisions that have negatively impacted the team.

While the new owners have spent an exorbitant amount of money on players and have been equally ruthless in their hiring and firing of managers, their choices have been far from "intelligent."

The lack of strategy and method to the madness at Stamford Bridge is concerning. Despite spending over £600 million ($750m) on players, the team still lacks a consistent striker. Check out here on Chelsea transfer strategy.

Former midfielder Gus Poyet rightfully pointed out that the team needs a top-class striker to compete at the highest level.

Thiago Silva, a visibly frustrated player, spoke out about the current state of the club. The changing room has been enlarged, but the team has not been strengthened. With a squad of 30-something players, it is impossible to keep everyone happy. The lack of a clear strategy and the constant signings of new players only add to the chaos.

Winner: Serie A

It will be an all-Milan affair on one side of the bracket as AC Milan and Inter will face off in the ultimate rivalry matchup. This will be the first same-nation Champions League semi-final since Atlético Madrid vs. Real Madrid in 2016/17. AC Milan has won the Champions League twice this century, while Inter was the last Italian UCL champion, claiming the trophy in the 2009-10 season. Although the balance of power in Europe has moved away from Italy, one Serie A club is guaranteed to be in the final, and the matchup is shaping up to be a fun one.


The UEFA Champions League quarterfinals may not have had much drama, but they certainly didn't lack goals. Inter and Manchester City advanced to the semifinals, while Bayern Munich and Benfica fell short. Erling Haaland continues to prove his worth, while Serie A is guaranteed to have a representative in the final. Football fans are in for a treat as the Champions League continues to deliver exciting matchups.

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