Carabao Cup 2023: Man United Trophy? Newcastle bad defense

Carabao Cup Final Trophy

Carabao Cup 2023 final was an interesting match and affair. Between two teams who had not won any major trophy in years. It was an interesting affair like a boxing match. Between Manchester United and Newcastle United where Newcastle had more possession but the Red Devils were clinical in front of goal.

Manchester United defeated Newcastle United 2-0 to claim the Carabao Cup trophy, their first trophy since 2017.

Luke Shaw's free kick was headed in by Casemiro in the 33rd minute to give the game its first goal. Six minutes later, Sven Botman unintentionally assisted Marcus Rashford's goal by deflecting his shot into the net, making the score 2-0.

Despite controlling the majority of the ball for much of the game, Newcastle failed to produce many clear-cut chances. Manchester United won their first trophy under Erik ten Hag because to their defense and midfield's tenacious performances.

Let's take a deep dive into how the Carabao Cup final in 2023 went and some talking points of the final match.

Carabao Cup: First Trophy for Ten Hag

Manchester United had won an FA Cup, a League Cup, a Europa League, and two Community Shields in the nine full seasons that had passed since Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement. They have four times finished in the top four. There have been periods of modest development and hesitant talk of this illustrious club coming "Back," but these trends have rarely persisted.

Ten Hag, a real top-tier football manager who is teaching this team how to play a consistent, successful brand of football, has made things feel different.

When Ten Hag replaced Diogo Dalot at right-back at halftime with the defensively-minded Aaron Wan-Bissaka, his team gained additional security and were able to play shrewd football in the second half.

Manchester United often outperforms the opposition in defensive one-on-one matches in center areas thanks to the favoured Ten Hag defensive core of Casemiro, Raphael Varane, and Lisandro Martinez. Newcastle frequently attempted to get the ball into the box to challenge David de Gea, but one of the trio frequently repelled them.

Between Manchester United's victory in the 2017 Europa League in Stockholm and this 2023 League Cup victory at Wembley, more than 2,000 days passed.

Although Manchester United supporters do not begin the season yearning for the League Cup, this victory can be seen as the beginning of something.

Premier League Teams with most Carabao Cup Wins
Premier League Teams with most Carabao Cup Wins: Source

Casemiro: Best Defensive Midfielder

When Joelinton attempted to keep the ball from going out for a goal kick just before halftime, Casemiro was spotted slipping in to help guide the ball past the goal line. It appeared to be a relatively unimportant part of the action, but Casemiro's response made you doubt that. He stood up again and shouted at the fans of his team, swinging his arms in triumph and requesting louder cheers.

The crowd then responded. His teammates agreed. This mentality has the potential to spread. Dalot rushed over to extend a grateful hand. The following to arrive was a pumped-up Varane. Martinez had blood in his hair from a prior head-on collision because they were more motivated to get it.

Newcastle High Line Woes

Carabao Cup Final 2023
Manchester United and Newcastle United Carabao Cup Finals 2023: Photo

The weekend before, Liverpool defeated Newcastle in the Premier League with ease, but their best chances came from direct, long balls in back.

Unsettlingly, it appears that opponent teams are realizing that this technique is the best way to damage the toughest defense in the top division.

After the starting lineup for Manchester United was revealed, the team's strategy became clear: send Rashford, Anthony, and even Wout Weghorst in through the middle to take advantage of the space between the defense's back line and debuting goalkeeper Lorius Karius.

In an effort to make up for his lack of speed, Kieran Trippier sought to drop deeper, but this just caused uncertainty for Manchester United's second, giving Rashford the opportunity to outrun him.

Loris Karius is back

He was staggering around the turf of Kyiv's Olimpiyskiy Stadium when we last saw him sporting the uniform of a Premier League team. In a Champions League final that evolved into a personal ordeal, Karius had lost Liverpool two goals. He was by himself, inconsolable, and obviously traumatized as he clasped his hands and begged the hundreds of Liverpool supporters for forgiveness.

Imagine the pressure that was on Karius now, almost five years later. Imagine being aware that, despite their support, the Newcastle supporters were worried about your presence and that you were only in the team by accident. Consider the abrupt dampness you would feel at the final whistle, knowing there would be no happy ending, no fairytale comeback, or any other kind of atonement.

He was unable to take advantage of the chance. Although Pope may have blocked Marcus Rashford's effort that Sven Botman deflected in for Manchester United's second goal, the German could not be held responsible for Casemiro's header.

Manchester United Up of Sale?

An audible chant from Manchester United supporters started in the 18th minute. "Glazers must go,' we say. We want Glazers gone, I declared. Similar cries from the crowd have been a staple of games this season (and in seasons past), but what set this occasion apart was the appearance of Avram Glazer, a member of the Glazer family who is rarely seen.

Manchester United supporters focused their ire towards the person they think has held them back for so long as Ten Hag's team sought to score a significant victory in their new journey together.

The Glazers' departure will always be wished for by supporters who want Manchester United to realize their full potential.

What's Next?

The Netherlands manager has turned the Red Devils into a squad that is seeking an improbable quadruple after a discouraging start to life at Old Trafford. The reign of Erik ten Hag at Manchester United could not have started any worse. The Red Devils traveled to Brentford and were heavily defeated 4-0 there after losing 2-1 to Brighton at home on the opening day.

The outcome was met with the kind of frenetic reaction that is to be anticipated when United suffers a defeat, with critics claiming the team was irreparably damaged.

The question for this season is can Manchester United win the quadruple? Or if Newcastle United maintain their form for the champion league spot.

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