World Cup 2022 Day 8 Recap of “Old Belgium” in Trouble?

Belgium World Cup 2022 Lose

Day 8 of the World Cup 2022 brought some shocking results, amazing results, and it confirm the best sports tournament in the world provides an all round results and emotions. Even during the group stages, all games are bring in some flavor. For the fans hearts in the mouth.

The darlings of World Cup 2022, Canada scored its first goals of the world within 68 seconds. Following the coaches plan to the letter with his motivation talk of "we will f.. up Croatia". I am not sure was this quote an extra motivation of the experience and calm Croatia team in the midfield.

Every World Cup underdog matches in the group stage all for us sees the a familiar game plan, to be defensive. Well we got the ultimate examples with Japan vs Costa Rica. As Costa Rica was primarily planing defensive until the 81st minute they scored with their only shoot of the game.

Let's dig in to the day 8 match recap of World Cup 2022, old man Belgium.

Morocco vs Belgium: Are The Old Man in Trouble at World Cup?

World Cup 2022 Belgium vs Morroco
Belgium shock defeat: PHOTO: AlJazeera

Zakaria Aboukhlal of Morocco scored in stoppage time to make it 2-0, breaking down Belgium's defense with a quick 22-year-old forward playing in his first World Cup. The goal came off a feed from Hakim Ziyech.

After Croatia and Belgium, Morocco's coach Walid Regragui said, "We are thrilled with that."

"That's great for Morocco," you say.

After defeating Canada later on Sunday, Croatia and Morocco both now have four points. Canada has been eliminated, and Belgium has three points.

With Kevin De Bryune bold statement of "Belgium times to win the World Cup was in 2018, as the players are all old now, and the new generation needs more experience. It seems the quote after the match aganist the now knocked-out Canada is a dark cloud hanging over the Belgium camp.

Furthermore, after the shocking defeat against Morocco, Vertonghen came out quoting "the attack are old", seems to be taking a small swap to Belgium greatest player and midfield Kevin De Bryune. Are Belgium going to go through the group stages of the World Cup. Or Belgium's camp are going to have a France 2010, meltdown. But of course not as it not a big fashion.

Germany vs Spain: Back-Back Time Exit For Germany?

World Cup 2022 Germany
Germany are still alive at World Cup 2022

After drawing 1-1 with Spain on Sunday, Germany has given themselves a chance to advance to the Round of 16. This is thanks to a late equalizing goal from Niclas Fullkrug. The four-time winners, who went out in the first round in 2018, experienced their earliest tournament exit in more than 80 years. They now find themselves in a similar situation in Qatar. They have never experienced a second round exit in back-to-back World Cups.

Niclas Fullkrug, a substitute for Germany, scored from close range on Sunday, earning his team a 1-1 tie with Spain in their World Cup Group E matchup.

A loss would not have immediately eliminated Germany from the World Cup tournament, but it would have made it much harder for the team to advance. The game was one of the most anticipated of the competition.

What's Next at World Cup 2022?

You can check out day 7 review of how Lionel Messi save Argentina from getting eliminated. But for the next few matches, we have got Portugal vs Uruguay, and would Portugal get their revenge win against Urguary after getting knock-out in World Cup 2018? Would South Korea advance from the group stages? Or would the Qatar World Cup brings in another 0-0 draw results again?

Let's find out tomorrow! Tell us in the comments below which nation is going to win the World Cup 2022?

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