Gareth Bale: The Welsh Dragon, The Golf, The Superstar

Gareth Bale

It turns out that Gareth Bale's outstanding displays for Wales throughout the years were unable to satisfy his other members of the international team. Bale should left Real Madrid much sooner than he did, put his hand in his pocket, and signed each and every one of the other Wales players for Merthyr Tydfil if the other players had gotten their way.

Gareth Bale back in 2013 was the most experience player in the world. He form formidable forward line dubbed the BBC (Benzema, Bale, and Ronaldo). To Bale's credit the first few seasons, he played as the a Galaticos.

As time went on it became clear, Bale was not getting the same amount of respect from the Spanish media. With Cristiano Ronaldo excellent class after his 30th birthday, cause the plan of the president of Real Madrid to have a very expensive furniture on the bench.

On the other hand, Bale's performance of Wales in major tournaments and qualifier rounds are extraordinary. The way he is a leader on and off the pitch. Always welcoming the younger players, always joking around, and knows when to push his teammates.

Currently, Bale is taking his nation to their first World Cup after 1957. Wales qualify for two back-to-back European Championship. In Euros 2016 Bale 11 goals and 2 assists, took Wales to the semi-final. Eventfully losing to the champions Portugal.

Fast forward to 2022 after Bales fifth Champion leagues title with Real Madrid. His time with them ended. He did not play much for them, even in La Liga his minutes was limited. But you flip the white shirt to the red shirt for Wales, Bales look librated, free and a superstar.

What team is Bale on 2022?

To prepare of World Cup 2022, Bale is playing his club level at Major League Soccer (MLS), Los Angles FC. A new football club created in Los Angles to rival their glitz and glamour rivals of Los Angles Galaxy. Before turning up to Qatar World Cup, Bale won his club level team the MLS cup.

Gareth Bale : The Welsh Dragon

Gareth Bale
The Welsh Dragon: Gareth Bale

There is a quote by the atlectic artcile that if you cut Bale he will bleed as a dragon of Wales. The pride he have playing for Wales. Knowing he is a superstar, but he acts very humble and a down-to-earth man. He knows he holds the pressure of his nations on his shoulders. But he never shows it but always leading his team to victory. This decade is Welsh football golden generation. Would it end will Bale we will never know.

What we know is that Bale is bringing the whole nation toward with his crazy runs, his dribbling skills, his confidence, but more importantly his character. Bale's nature and always knowing since he child he wants to represent Wales, beams him with pride.

During a game in a qualifying round, Gareth Bale charge into his coaches room, to talk about tactics. He wanted to understand why they are playing his way but not another way. Why does the coach wants to have two number 10s, Ramsey and himself, in the middle of the pitch. Once the coach examples the tactics, and Bale understood, all the players followed to plan to the tee.

We would never know what happen behind the scene between Bale and Real Madrid. Maybe one day Gareth Bale will do an interview about his footballing career. Or he might not never say anything, as he might made an "innocent" sign with his national team for holding a flag. The famous flag and quote written on it "Wales, Golf, Madrid" in that order.

That is what we definitely know is how one player change the nations football trajectory. Wales being consider an outsider in football are now truly in the mix for an up-and-coming nation in Europe. As with Lionel Messi changing Argentina fortune in the second match. Can Gareth Bale the Welsh Dragon produces the goods for Wales at World Cup 2022.

Tell us in the comments below on your thoughts for the winner of Group B at World Cup 2022?

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