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World Cup News for the upcoming semi-finals is underway, soon. Let's dig in to some updates, news, and points to look forwarding in the upcoming finals World Cup in Qatar. The World Cup 2022 is a slight of fresh air, for the underdogs and the big nations. Year by Year the gap is getting smaller, and teams are evenly match together. They do not seem to be a favorite anymore. However referees during this World Cup are in news headlines, everyday. Surprisingly not so much controversy with VAR, as to the referee themself.

Before we dig into the semi-finals and the last four games of World Cup in Qatar. Let's refresh our minds on the quarter-finals.

World Cup 2022 Quarter-Finals

Football Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi After Netherland Match

A little bit of refreshing of what happened during the quarter-finals stage. Croatia, the national team with the best midfielders in the world, beat World Cup favorites Brazil. Argentina, now consider the favorites, won against The Netherlands, via a penalty shoot-out. Argentina players celebrated right fault of The Netherland players was a site to watch. Even Lionel Messi shows his emotions by cupping his ear towards Netherlands dug-out.

Nevertheless, this year underdog team of the year goes to Morocco. The team no one expected to come out the group-stage. Is currently the first African nation to quality to the World Cup semi-final stage. That is some good news of Africa and of course the whole Arab nation. With their good defense, players fighting for the balls, deadly wingers, and of course scoring decisive goals. They beat out Portugal, which means this is the last we might see Cristiano Ronaldo at the World Cup stage.

Very contrasting images of two of the most decorated football players in the world. Check out a guide on how Lionel Messi saves Argentina during the group stages, right on the link.

Of course, English players still can not score a deicsive penalty. Somehow it should not come as a surprise anymore that England are not great in penalities. But, England played well in the second half, trying to prove a point that they are the top teams in the upcoming major international tournament's. Harry Kane is still one the top strikers in the world with his ability to pass, finish, and carry Spurs to where they are at the moment. Check out this amazing column written by Alan Shearer about Harry Kane, right here.

World Cup News, Semi-Finals 2022

The team in the semi-finals are: Croatia Vs Argentina and France vs Morocco.

Croatia Vs Argentina News

Croatia Midfielders
Croatia Midfielders, The Best in The World

Also known as the semifinal between Messi and Modric because they will face off tomorrow night. Both superstars are being propelled by strong forces: for Messi, it's none other than Diego Maradona; for Luka Modric, it's his grandpa and Croatia's historic struggle for independence. We just hope their emotions don't get the better of them since we know how terribly personal this is for the senior captains.

Although it may appear like Lionel Messi's name is on the trophy, Croatia is a serious contender and defeated Argentina 3-0 in their most recent group-stage matchup in 2018. At 37 years old and seeking to make a second consecutive final, Real Madrid great Modric is still in charge of the midfield.

However, if Croatia's game plan is to stop Messi and Argentina, it's a risky tactic against a team that also features Angel Di Maria's expertise, rising star Enzo Fernandez, and hero goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, who made incredible saves to secure Argentina's shootout victory over the Netherlands in the quarterfinals.

Messi is the still the main man for Argentina and now the face of World Cup 2022. With Neymar Brazil out, Portugal out, the biggest names and faces are out such as Hazard for Belgium. This World Cup is turning out to be Messi Argentina and Mbappe France team.

France Vs Morocco News

World Cup 2022, Morocco
Morocco, can they win it. PHOTO

After further penalty misses from England, except on this match, it is under normal time. The holders advanced to the round of four and will now face the tournament's biggest surprise. Although they have only met in friendlies and not a high-stakes World Cup semifinal, France has never lost against Morocco. However, we believe Les Bleus will easily advance to the final with three goals.

In addition, Morocco must deal with PSG star Kylian Mbappe, who is leading the tournament in scoring with five goals. Although few people expected Morocco to get this far, they shouldn't be underestimated since they pose a real threat to France because they include "The Wizard" Hakim Ziyech and Portugal-defeating Youssef En-Nesyri. They also possess a reliable back four that has only allowed one goal in regular time all tournament. It is a game of speedy wingers in France, with one of the world's underrated striker in Olivier Giroud. Aganisit this year tournament stringenest defense.

And how truly awesome it will be to get the World Cup finals between Croatia Vs Morocco. A new winner of the biggest prize in world football.

World Cup News 2022, Teams Went Home

  • Gareth Southgate is thinking things over, if he wants to be the man in charge of England.
  • Brazil is without a World Cup winner medals for 20 years.
  • Luis Enrique resign from the National Team of Spain.
  • Who will be the new manager or coach for The Netherlands?

Tell us in the comments below of who you want to be in the finals of World Cup 2022?

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