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World Cup 2022 quarter-final is here. One of the biggest match to watch out is England vs France. All the matches is a do or die moment for the players, managers, team, and of course the fans. However, Englans vs France is one of the most anticipated matches.

Both teams are well-known for their strong performances in international soccer, and a match between them would likely be highly competitive. England and France have a long history of rivalry on the soccer pitch, dating back to their first meeting in 1904, and matches between the two teams are often closely contested.

England Vs France: Back Four or Back Three?

England Players

England under Gareth Southgate, has tended to play a back four when certain that they will control the ball. On the other hand, England plays a back three when they expect that possession would be more competitive. England has used a 4-3-3 formation in all of their games in the group stages of World Cup 2022. The key decision is whether they will play against France in the same formation that has been successful or whether they will choose a back three in light of the threat provided by Kylian Mbappé. Southgate admitted in September that he had let himself be persuaded away from his ideals in June. Which resulted in four losses in Nations League games. This may indicate that conservatism will rule and he will choose the back three.

England Worried of Mbappé Pace

Mbappe Pace Going to Worry England

The English defense's , which is particularly vulnerable to pace, showed a few times in the first half against Senegal. Southgate must be worried about France's extraordinary pace, which includes Ousmane Dembélé and Mbappé. Three times during his match with Manchester City, Kyle Walker faced off against Mbappé. On the two instances that John Stones flanked Walker, City won 2-0 and 2-1. But Mbappé did score in those games. Walker and Stones have demonstrated their ability to handle Mbappé even if City play in a totally different manner from England. It may limit an opponent's effect by just keeping the ball away from him.

England seeking of a more conservative approach in the quarter final as to keep the pacy French wingers in order and to effectively defend against Mbappé. One potential strategy for England would be to deploy Kieran Trippier as a right wing-back. To move Walker to the right of the three center-backs positioning them in Mbappé's typical zone on the pitch.

Battle of Midfield

England Midfielder
Can England Midfielders Stop France

The strength of the midfield, even without N'Golo Kanté and Paul Pogba, has been France's biggest tournament surprise. Two new selection of Tchouaméni and Rabiot giving Griezmann a platform. Nobody is averaging more than his 3.8 vital passes per game, but it certainly helps that he has so many choices to choose from. With Olivier Giroud (France 2nd leading scorer) serving as the reliable balance to the two more flashy forwards outside of him. As a result, Mbappé has had more shots per game (5.3) than any other player in the competition. In addition to stopping Mbappé, England must also stop the supply, which may be a case for the midfield three. The guardian, gave a great in-depth analysis on the quarter-final of the World Cup 2022.

Whatever happens between England vs France during the quarter-final tomorrow, one thing is for certain. The match is going to be very interesting. Two of the most pragmatic managers in international football going head-to-head. Both aiming of the ultimate price in world football: World Cup. Afterwards, it is the next big match in the semi-final. Then who knows, one of England vs France is going to meet one of the greatest player to ever kick a football: Lionel Messi.

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