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Worst football managers ranked in the Premier League. Premier League is one of the most competitive football leagues in the world. Football managers are often the first to face the consequences when things go wrong. Some managers have been able to turn around struggling teams and lead them to glory, while others have seen their teams plummet to the bottom of the league. In this article, we explore the worst managers of Premier League era.

At The Stats Ball we will examine their records, the reasons behind their sackings, and the impact their tenures had on their teams.

Worst Premier League Manager Win Percentage Ranked
Worst Premier League Manager Win Percentage Ranked: By The Stats Balls

Worst Premier League Managers Ranked

Managing a Premier League team is not an easy task, and for some managers, it has been a case of boom or bust. From high-profile managers like Jose Mourinho to lesser-known figures like Brian Laws, this article takes a closer look at the success and failures of 14 Premier League managers. Some managers are quite famous, but they might not be famous of their record on the pitch.

Let's begin with our first manager on the list.

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1. Paul Jewell: A Struggle to Manage Premier League Clubs

Paul Jewell, a former English footballer and manager, had a difficult time managing two Premier League clubs - Bradford City and Derby County. In 1998, Jewell was appointed as Bradford City's manager, and he led the club to promotion to the Premier League in his first season. However, the club's performance declined significantly when they entered the top-flight league, and Jewell resigned in 2000 after a poor start to the season. His poor performance and lack of success as a manager in the Premier League have earned him a reputation as one of the worst managers in the league's history.

2. Jan Siewert: The Worst Premier League Manager in History

Jan Siewert, a German football coach, had a disastrous stint at Huddersfield. When he joined the team, they were already on a downward spiral, but Siewert's performance was astonishingly bad. With only one win in 15 games, he holds one of the worst managerial records in the Premier League. In fact, statistically speaking, Jan Siewert is the worst Premier League manager ever, with a win percentage of just 5%. Out of 19 matches, he was only able to win one game, making him the clear holder of this infamous record.

3. Les Reed

Les Reed, a former assistant manager at several Premier League clubs including Southampton, Charlton and Tottenham Hotspur lasted only six weeks as manager of Charlton Athletic in 2006. Despite Les Reed wealth of experience in football management. Reed struggled to lead the team to success as a head coach and manager. Resulting in his sacking just before Christmas. With a win percentage of only 7.7% in his short-lived managerial career. Reed's stint at Charlton is widely considered as one of the worst in Premier League history.

4. Terry Connor

Another manager who fell short in the Premier League was Terry Connor. The former Wolverhampton Wanderers footballer and coach had a forgettable stint as manager, with zero wins and only 10% win percentage, managing just four draws and nine losses. He was eventually replaced by Stale Solbakken at the start of the 2012-13 season. Although Connor stayed at the club as an assistant manager until his departure in 2013, his tenure as the head coach of Wolves will forever be remembered as one of the worst in Premier League history.

5. Remi Garde

Win: 0 Draws: 7 Losses: 13 Win percentage: 13%

The Frenchman arrived at Villa, with the hope of turning their fortunes around. However, he failed miserably and never lived up to expectations. Despite winning his first game in charge, Garde lost 12 out of 13 games, with the remaining game being a draw. He left Villa having never won a single game during his short stint as manager.

6. Chris Hutchings

Wins: 1 Draws: 4 Losses: 7 Win percentage: 16%

Chris Hutchings started his coaching career as an assistant manager before becoming the manager of Wigan Athletic in 2007. However, his tenure as a manager was short-lived, lasting only 12 games, with the team winning just one game under his leadership. His final game as manager ended in a 2-0 home loss to Chelsea.

Chelsea recently sacked Graham Potter, which is an inevitable situation. Check out the demise of Graham Potter Chelsea here.

7. Frank de Boer

Frank de Boer is a former Dutch footballer and manager who had a brief and unsuccessful stint as the manager of Crystal Palace in the English Premier League. In June 2017, he was appointed as Palace's manager following the departure of Sam Allardyce. However, under his leadership, the team lost all four of their opening Premier League games without scoring a goal, setting an unwanted record for the worst start to a Premier League season. As a result, he was sacked by Palace just 77 days after being appointed, making him the shortest-serving permanent manager in Premier League history.

8. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

From Cardiff to Manchester United: Source

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was also a Premier League manager, having managed Cardiff City during the 2013-2014 season. He was appointed as the club's manager in January 2014 but was unable to save them from relegation. Despite his efforts, the team ended up being relegated from the Premier League. His time at the club was brief and ultimately unsuccessful in terms of the club's survival in the Premier League.

9. Bob Bradley - First American Football Manager in Premier League

Bob Bradley was the first American ever to be a manager in the Premier League. Leading the way of Jesse Marsh to manager Leeds United. Yet Jeese Marsh is now available manager on the market. Who might be ready to take the coaching gig in Leicester City.

However Bob Bradley record was nothing to be proud of. He joined Swansea City in October 2016 but only managed to win two games out of 11. The only positive thing was that he lost two and drew the rest.

10. Pablo Di Canio - The Brutal Manager

Pablo Di Canio, the Italian manager in question is widely known for his explosive approach and harsh criticism of players. He was appointed as manager of Fulham in February 2014 but was sacked after only a month in the role due to protests by the players. During his brief stint, the team won three games, drew three, and lost seven, resulting in a win percentage of 23%.

11. Brian Laws

Laws, a former English footballer and manager, found himself at the helm of Burnley in the Premier League in January 2010. Unfortunately, his tenure was not a successful one, as he only managed to win five of his 20 matches in charge. With three draws and 12 losses, Laws had a win percentage of just 25%. He struggled to replicate the success of his predecessor, Owen Coyle, and was unable to turn around the team's fortunes.

12. Juande Ramos - Spurs Manager

Ramos, a Spanish football coach, found himself in a similar situation when he was appointed as Tottenham Hotspur's manager in October 2007, following the sacking of Martin Jol. Despite winning the League Cup in his first season, Ramos struggled to make an impact in the Premier League. Tottenham won only two of their first 12 games in the 2008-09 season, leading to Ramos' firing in October 2008. With only two wins, one draw, and nine losses, Ramos had a slightly better win percentage of 26.7%, but it was not enough to save his job. It seems even a decade ago Spurs managers merry-go-round is still in place in 2023. With Spurs in the hunt of a new manager. After an up and down tenure with Conte. Can Spurs get it right this time round and here are 4 managers who Spurs should appoint.

Today, Laws and Ramos serve as cautionary tales for any manager looking to make a name for themselves in the Premier League. Even the most talented coaches can struggle to adapt to the unique challenges of the world's most competitive football league.

13. Sam Allardyce - Relegation Battle Manager

Sam Allardyce, the English football manager, took over as Blackburn Rovers' manager after the dismissal of Paul Ince in December 2008. Under Allardyce's leadership, Blackburn Rovers improved their league position and avoided relegation during the 2008-2009 season. The following season, Blackburn Rovers finished in a respectable tenth place in the league. Despite his success at Blackburn Rovers, he was controversially sacked by the club's new owners, Venky's, in December 2010, citing a desire for a new direction as the reason for his dismissal.

Maybe without Sam Allardyce as the manager of England just for 1 day. Maybe the FA would not appoint Gareth Southgate as the manager. Check out how Gareth Southgate England team are performing.

14. Alan Pardew - The Dancing Manager

Alan Pardew
One of the Top 14 worst premier league managers: Alan Pardew: Source

Alan Pardew, another English football manager, has also experienced some notable failures in the Premier League. Charlton Athletic and Southampton sacked him after he failed to keep the clubs in the top flight. In 2018, West Bromwich Albion also sacked him after a poor run of form that led to the club's relegation from the Premier League. Currently, Alan is managing the Dutch club ADO Den Haag.

What's Next

The Premier League is a tough arena for managers, and only a select few have managed to leave their mark on the league. From the success stories of Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola to the failures of Alan Pardew and Bob Bradley. The success and failures of the 13 managers we have examined provide a unique insight into the challenges that managers face, from adapting to new playing styles to managing player egos. By exploring their records and examining the reasons behind their sackings, we can learn valuable lessons about leadership, resilience, and the importance of teamwork.

By understanding their experiences, we can appreciate the challenges that managers face in the Premier League and the impact they can have on their teams.

Who are some of the winningest Premier League managers?

Some of the most successful Premier League managers in recent history include Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Antonio Conte, and Claudio Ranieri. Despite the high level of competition in the Premier League, there have also been several managers who have underperformed, but some of these managers have found success with other teams.

Which Premier League manager has lost the most games?

Harry Redknapp holds the record for the most Premier League losses as a manager, with a total of 239 losses across his time managing various teams including Bournemouth, West Ham, Portsmouth, Tottenham, Queens Park Rangers, and Birmingham City.

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